1990 BMW M3 Sport Evolution

£ 35000
2266 weeks ago
BMW M3 Sport Evolution Year 1990 Colour Jet Black Mileage 206333km Owners Two in UK since 1999. Believed one in Germany prior to that. VED SORN, but 6 months supplied MoT 06/2010, but 12 months supplied if required Service History Full Price £35000 Contact [email protected] 07762725041 I am astonished and privileged to be selling this simply unmatched example of the ultimate E30 M3, the Sport Evolution, on behalf of its long term owner. I think it's probably appropriate to explain just what is so special about the Sport Evolution before explaining how good an example this is. The E30 M3 Sport Evolution was produced in very limited numbers (600 0nly) in late 1989 and early 1990. It followed on from the Evolution and Evolution 2 and is indeed sometimes referred to as the Evolution 3. It is the most extensively modified of the three E30 M3 Evolution editions. The bore was increased to 95mm and this, along with a long-stroke crank increased displacement to 2,467cc. The valves were larger and a "hotter" cam was fitted. The nett result was a power increase to 238 bhp at 7,000 rpm. Other modifications included thinner glass, a lighter boot and bumpers, and brake cooling ducts in place of foglights. The Sport Evolution was used to homologate many parts for racing and the unique front and rear spoilers with adjustable extensions for greater downforce, even wider front wings, and reprofiled grille slats with sealed gaps for better aerodynamics are examples of parts added for homologation purposes which have negligible effect on the road. The M3 Sport Evolution also sits 10mm lower than the normal E30 M3. It was available only in Jet Black with red bumper stripes or Brilliant Red with black bumper stripes. The wheel centres are painted Nogaro Silver. A suede-covered M Technic II steering wheel, gear knob and handbrake gaiter handle were added along with red seatbelts and a special plaque denoting each car as a Sport Evolution appears on the center console. The E30 M3 is considered by many to be the ultimate iconic, classic BMW. The Sport Evolution is considered, quite rightly, to be the ultimate E30 M3, and this well known, magazine featured car must be the ultimate Sport Evolution. Owned and fastidiously maintained and restored by its current owner for the past seven years, it is reluctantly for sale as he has a Ferrari shaped itch which requires to be scratched. It's fair to say that his good lady has a bedroom extension shaped itch that may require treatment, but I'd guess at a 328 GTS and an economy sized tub of Piriton. Bodywork Flawless. Always kept clean and polished, protected by a car cover and never knowingly driven in the wet, the coachwork is immaculate. It has been subject to a significant amount of restoration work in recent times which included a replacement for the notorious scuttle panel, a new bonnet, driver's door, passenger's door, windscreen, both wings and many, many smaller (but expensive) parts such as new rear light seals, front grills and M3 badges, front and rear. All of these replacement parts were obviously, the correct genuine BMW items. Small areas of rust found were removed and sound metal welded in place with suitable rust protection to ensure no further corrosion. A photographic record of the restoration has been kept and will be provided to the purchaser - obviously all receipts for the parts purchased will also be provided. I can provide seriously interestd parties with a DVD of restoration photos on application. The restoration concluded with a glass out respray in the correct Jet Black with the sills and spoilers returned to their correct matt black. The bumper stripes have been replaced and the exterior of the car is just perfect. Gloss black is very difficult to photograph and no photos do justice to its condition, it really has to be seen in the flesh, but they are worth seeing anyway:- The correct 16" wheels are present (including the spare) and are in excellent blemish free condition. The centres are the correct colour and all are fitted with Goodyear Eagle F1s with plenty of tread. Mechanically Again, as you'd expect, this car has wanted for nothing. It has been serviced and maintained with almost religious fervour and there are receipts and invoices to back up the full service history. There is no merit in going through the minutiae here, but the salient points include a £2000 + cylinder head recon in 2000, followed by a new short motor fitted as a result of an error made by the franchised dealer in fitting the cylinder head. The car effectively had a new BMW engine 25000 miles ago - at a cost of somewhere in the region of £5000. The oil and filters have been changed with monotonous regularity and a stainless exhaust has replaced the original. A new clutch was fitted in 2007 and over the years, anything that has needed to be done was done. The presentation of the engine bay matches the exemplary standards of the rest of the car. It starts instantly and settles to the characteristically ever so slightly lumpy S14 idle very quickly. Never the quietest of engines and lacking a little of the smoothness and sophistication of the six cylinders, this one is as refined as they get. It pulls quickly, crisply and cleanly and without hesitation. The gearbox, once warmed up, is a joy to use. The car drives just as it ought to. It is tight and nimble and does not display the "crashy" suspension of so many E30 M3s. The steering is taut and precise, as you would expect, and the brakes firm and reassuring. While BMW sought to reduce weight (the cynical might suggest another motive) by deleting most of the comfort items from the Sport Evolution's spec, most had them re-instated as extra cost options. This car has heated seats and mirrors along with power windows and sunroof. Mechanically and electrically, everything works just as it should and it is, quite simply, faultless. Interior Once again in absolutely pristine condition, the red and black leather of the high back Recaros fitted is unworn and undamaged. The door cards and other interior items are trimmed to match and the rear seats are fitted with rare Recaro "fishnet" headrests. The steering wheel is worn. They all are after even a few months of gentle use, the suede wears very quickly. There is however a new, genuine Sport Evolution "Sunday best" steering wheel with the car. Carpets, trim and headlining are all immaculate and a relatively modern head unit and alarm/immobiliser are fitted. Summary What can you say? If there is a better example of a Sport Evolution in the UK, I'd love to see it. This car has changed hands only twice in the last 19 years. It has obviously been cherished by its three owners. This is the sort of opportunity that really does come about only very, very occasionally. I think one of the most remarkable things about this car is that despite its permanent show car appearance, this is no garage queen. It is used regularly, but sparingly. It is testament to the owner's enthusiasm and dedication that it retains its appearance and shows what can be done with a bit of dedication and enthusiasm. The car is a regular at all the BMW shows and has been magazine featured - and that was before its restoration! It's HPI clear and any independent inspection is welcome. My views on the values that these cars have reached in recent years are well known and I'm not going to be hypocritical now and say what great value for money the E30 M3 Sport Evolution as a genre is. What I will say is that my views on the value for money of the model are irrelevant. The market has spoken. These cars are worth serious, serious money and continue to appreciate. The rarity and desireability can never wane, despite the credit crunch and the recession, the E30 M3 and the limited editions in particular have performed spectacularly well in terms of investment potential. The attraction is easy to see. These cars aren't souped up road cars, they are detuned race cars, they drive and handle sublimely. They can be used at weekends and in the summer and are utterly docile and reliable. Relatively easy and cheap to maintain, they look superb and appreciate steadily in value. What's not to like? I expect to see these cars come up for sale less and less often as they find their way into the hands of long term collectors as opposed to enthusiasts. This is a once in a decade opportunity to acquire a unique example of a rare and sought after car. This car MUST be at the top end of what the market says a Sport Evolution is worth, yet it is priced well below that level. In my view, it offers exceptional value for money in the current market and is a chance to buy a truly astonishing car at the price of a very good one. If you are in the market for a Sport Evolution, this is it. Interested parties should contact me to arrange a viewing and demonstration. The car can be seen in the Glasgow/Central Scotland areas. I anticipate significant interest in this car from Euro zone collectors and I can meet viewers at Glasgow, Edinburgh and Prestwick airports or any local railway station. UK and European Delivery can obviously be arranged at a very competitive rate. I shall do what I can to assist in overseas delivery.
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